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ADE International:
Hannia Ramírez Solano
President, ADE International  
Executive Secretary, University of Costa Rica
Hatillo Centro, San José - Costa Rica
Human Resources Administration, in process (UNED)
Life philosophy: to care for physical, mental and spiritual health. Favorite color: green. Favorite country: Costa Rica. Favorite sports team: Saprissa. Favorite music: all types, except for Reggaeton and derivatives thereof. Born in San José during the 60's and has two marvelous kids and a grandson named Gabriel.
I am working with ADE primarily because of the Commision, second for calling and third for service.
Mayra Lorena Zúñiga Arce
Vice-President, ADE International
Internal Auditor, Ministry of Hacienda
San Juan de Tibás, San José - Costa Rica
Business Administration (Technological Institute of Costa Rica)
Public Accounts (Technological Institute of Costa Rica)
Project assesor for the Business Administration program at the Technological Institute of Costa Rica. Worked for many years in the institute of internal audits for Costa Rica. Believes in the power of perseverance and diligence to achieve goals, and also has three wonderful children.
I am working with ADE because I believe in development under the Christian perspective, addressing equality, justice and the solidarity of the principles that Christ preached in his walk. I desire to continue in those ways and not only to be a church visitor who is constantly fed but whose seeds do not grow.
Yvonne Miller
Treasurer, ADE International
Church Planting Coordinator, E3 Partners
Malvern, Pennsylvania - United States
BA, Biblical Education (Florida Bible College)
Married to Ken Miller for 30 years in May of 2012, with three daughters living all over the world. Co-leads short term mission trips, two of which have been to Costa Rica.
I am working with ADE because I love what ADE is doing in Costa Rica and I love how God uses our giftedness in all sorts of ways, such as using my adminstrative abilities in Costa Rica when I'm in PA. I've also been quite impressed with the integrity and servanthood of the ADE staff. I count it a privilege to serve alongside of them in this way.
Tim Høiland
Secretary, ADE International
Communications Specialist, World Vision International
Pheonix, Arizona - United States
MA, International Development (Eastern University)
BS, Communication and Journalism (Millersville University)
Grew up living in a converted one-room adobe schoolhouse without electricity or running water in the western highlands of Guatemala among the Sipakapense (Mayan Indian) people.
I am working with ADE because of my friendship with the staff, my experience in San Rafael and Vara Blanca, my interest in development and education, my faith in Jesus Christ and my desire to see all things be made new.
Frederick David Bronkema
Voting Member, ADE International
Associate Professor - Director of International Development Programs - Chair of School of Leadership and Development, Eastern University
Wallingford, Pennsylvania - United States
BA, Political Science (Swarthmore College)
MA, International Relations (Yale University)
PhD, Socio-Cultural Anthropology (Yale University)
Lived and worked in Honduras for five years in the 1980s and grew up as a missionary kid in Portugal and Italy. Serious life pursuits include a life submitted to Christ, my family, my friends and colleagues and students, reading, writing, discussing, learning, sports and home improvement.
I am working with ADE because the team asked me to, and I felt that of God behind their request.
ADE Costa Rica:
Hannia Ramírez Solano
President, ADE Costa Rica
(Detailed biography above)
Mayra Lorena Zúñiga Arce
Treasurer, ADE Costa Rica
(Detailed biography above)
Ana Chacon
Secretary, ADE Costa Rica
Administrative Assistant, Costa Rican Evangelical Alliance Federation
Desamparados, San José - Costa Rica
Accepted the Lord into my heart at age 6 and baptized at age 11. Began to serve as a teacher and counselor with the youth at 16. Met my husband and we had 2 daughters before moving to the USA, where we served for 6 years. We returned to Costa Rica and are serving the Lord in our church, Vida Abundante del Sur.
I came to work with ADE as the Lord brought Frances and her husband to Costa Rica with ADE and I had known Frances and her family while living in the US. It had been a great blessing to be a part of this grand vision that blesses the youth of Vara Blanca, making it easier for them to attend secondary school and learn English.
Miguel Rodriguez
Voting Member, ADE Costa Rica