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Local: Where we work

Our Current Context: Costa Rica 
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ADE is currently focusing on three neighboring villages in the northern-central mountains of Costa Rica: Vara Blanca, San Rafael de Vara Blanca and Los Cartagos. This area has been traditionally marginalized by the rest of the country and subsequently suffers economically, socially and educationally. These villages were further impacted by the Cinchona earthquake (6.4 on the Richter scale) that occurred in January of 2009. This earthquake destroyed much of the local infrastructure (roads, houses, churches, schools, etc.) and killed a number of individuals, leaving the area even more debilitated. 

ADE's Response: What we do
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ADE was founded in October 2009, as a response to the Cinchona earthquake, with the desire to assist in redeveloping the affected communities. Upon arriving in Costa Rica, a census of the village of San Rafael revealed that the number one priority of the local community was to develop more educational options for young people and adults.

As a result, the focus of ADE has been to engage in educational initiatives using a “glocal” approach. This means that each project undertaken is a response to the desires of the local community and utilizes local assets. At the same time, each project also makes use of national and international partnerships. Rather than waiting for and depending on outside support, though, the community offers local assets to the national and global educational community. In this way, the local communities are able to provide for their own educational needs and desires.

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ADE Center: San Rafael de Vara Blanca, Costa Rica