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ADE Staff

Tomás Enrique Dozier Zahner
Community Coordinator
Geology (Occidental College, California)
Education (Holy Names University)
Masters in International Development (in process, Eastern U.)
Educator for past 24 years and fanatic of Gallo Pinto, 
Cafe Chorreado, tortillas palmeadas, and chilero

Chelsea Dozier
Media and Education Coordinator
Comparative Literature and Psychology (Occidental College)
Spanish (Spanish Language Institute)
Lay Counseling  (Family Ministries and First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley)
English professor/instructor for 15 years
Homeschool mother of three wonderful children
Trilingual, Aerobics instructor, Enjoys playing violin

Miguel Rodriguez
National Coordinator
English, Education (Universidad Americana, Costa Rica)
Big time Ligista fan
Loves working with wood


Sam Drew

Stephanie Metzger

Katie Fugate

Shelley Dewig

New Staff Opportunities: 

Come, grow, do what you enjoy, and make an impact! 
We are currently looking to fill the positions of International Director for Sustainability (IDS) and also the National Director for Ecological Protection (NDEP). 

The IDS position is the primary contact for people and groups who are seeking to come down to visit, work with, and partner with ADE both in Costa Rica and abroad. The IDS also works to support the building of the ADE Center for Sustainable Studies which is a center for environmental studies as well as a missions training center. 

The NDEP position works with community and national leaders to promote Creation Care practices in the surrounding communities where ADE works primarily through the development of a Biological Corridors (promoting specie migration and habitat growth) ans well as growing the organic agriculture production that ADE already has. The NDEP would also work on developing the Center for Sustainable Studies. 

Both positions offer growth in project development, project management, and missions experience assisting the growth of the Costa Rican national church and abroad. Ideally we are looking for commitments of two years or more and there is a one year evaluation period where we jointly evaluate the work and His calling. All ADE staff come as they are and live on the ADE common purse receiving a living stipend with salary options.

Send an email to info@glocalade.org for more information.