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About ADE

The Association for Development through Education is a ‘glocal' educational initiative that redefines aid as transformational local capacity building.


ADE is dedicated to the redevelopment of post-disaster regions and marginalized communities through innovative and holistic educational initiatives that support long-term sustainable capacity building activities within individuals, local community organizations, government agencies, and the local faith community.


ADE is a non-profit organization registered by the Costa Rican government (pending approval). ADE serves an interactive network of development individuals, organizations, and institutions of higher education in both the global South and the North that seek to explore dynamic areas of application and praxis to theory study and innovation while creating productive partnerships within the network. ADE is initially directing its services to the Vara Blanca region of Costa Rica that was decimated by a low-lying 6.4 (Richter scale) earthquake on January 8th, 2009. The ADE objective is to then branch out to offer assistance through it’s educational focused development model to other regions globally, using trained indigenous leaders from one community for the benefit of other communities.